I am currently in the market for a new furry friend, so I’ve been on the lookout for any and all cats. Maybe it’s because I’m a Mainer or because I grew up with one, but I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Maine Coon Cats.

The breed originated in Maine, hence the name and they are one of my favorite breeds of felines.

They are always loving, soft, and beautiful. And sometimes, they are freaking massive.

Massive Maine Coon Cat

I’m not sure if there’s any way to know how big your cat is going to grow but some Maine Coon Cats grow so huge that people think they aren’t even docile, domestic cat breeds.

One Maine Coon named Kusa has gone viral for how big he is, with comments flooding in that there is no way that’s actually a housecat.


@f1savannahs Look how giant this maine coooon cat is ! The only other breed as long as a #savannahcat #f1savannah ♬ original sound - Savannah Cats


A viral Tik Tok has hit the feeds with a 9-month-old cat named Kusa who has grown so big, he barely fits in her owner's hands even though he’s still just a kitten.

As you can see from the comment, people are questioning if this is even a cat or if it’s a predator.

The owner shares that she was shocked about the size and didn’t expect him to grow so big. What’s really shocking is how tiny Kusa was when he was young.

He was so small! There was no way for the owner to know he would grow to such a substantial size but I am so jealous of this outcome. This would be a dream for me, to have a cat this big! It would be the best of all worlds, having a cat the size of a dog.

She shares on her social media pages that Kusa is so sweet and gentle and to not be alarmed by his size.

While some people may be nervous about having a cat that huge, you can see through her other videos that he is a calm, cool dude who plays well with the other animals.

This is my dream cat!

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