Maine Coon Cats are lovely, but why is Maine in their name? We are not exactly sure why this breed of kitty is named after our state. There are all kinds of stories and tales, but our favorite involves Marie "let them eat cake" Antoinette. The Queen of France was executed in 1793. She tried to escape France with the assistance of a Captain Samuel Clough. Antoinette loaded up Clough's ship, including her prized possessions: six Turking Angora cats. She didn't make the trip, but her cats did! Clough said of the journey:

“My Boate has filled with odd Beasties. Tho the Leathers of his nose make a fine tip for my cue, not even Snooker could tempt me to trim the Snout of such a mouser.”

The "odd beasties" made it all the way across the Atlantic, and Captain Clough's ship landed in Wiscasset, Maine. The cats went on to mate with short-hair breeds, and the Maine Coon Cat was born. Thanks, Marie! A Maine Coon cat is what happens when French royalty meets a wicked furry Mainah!

Here's a wicked cute time-lapse video we found of a Maine Coon cat. This silver tabby goes from newborn to 10 months in just under 17 seconds. They grow up so fast!

Maine Coons are known as "gentle giants", and truly represent us Mainers. Friendly and big-hearted, they can also handle hearty winters and lots of ice and snow thanks to their water-resistant fur on their undersides. Their big bushy tail won't sink in the snow, and can be used to wrap around their face to stay warm if need be. Maine Coons are some of the biggest cats out there. In fact, Maine Coons cats hold the Guinness Book of World Record for the "Longest Cat". The current record holder, Barivel, measures 3 ft 11.2 in! If you like your kitties BIG, then the Maine Coon cat is for you!

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