Pumpkins In the Park has become a local Halloween tradition for almost two decades at this point. for 18 years, folks have gathered up to show off their costumes, show off their sweet themed booths, or their pumpkin carving skills. But this year, obviously because of COVID-19, the event will be held virtually.

It's a great family event hosted annually by United Cerebral Palsy of Maine. And, it's also pretty much their single biggest fundraising event. So being forced into the digital realm would be a pretty big blow for most, but UCP is just going to roll with it and still try to bring as much fun to the community as possible, according to WVFX - TV22.

This year it will take place online from October 22nd - 30th. There will still be a variety of fun things like a costume contest, scavenger hunt, and pumpkin carving... just to name a few. All these activites won't cost you a dime, but it always feels great to donate to organizations like this. Especially at a time of year when money isn't as tight.

I've always loved Pumpkins In the Park. for several years in a row, my wife designed booths for her work. She always went the extra mile, and made sure to get in the smallest details. She did some underwater thing one year that was mind blowing. Granted, I felt like I didn't see her for three weeks leading up, but the payoff was huge.

If you'd like to scope out the events, or make a donation, you can go to their Facebook page, which also links to their website. Halloween is such a magical time of year. I know that's kind of a cheesy thing to say, but I like holidays where it's about community more than presents. And UCP is always all about the community.

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