More information has been obtained as to what those two barges are carrying!  As you know, one barge is moored in Portland Harbor, the other off the coast of San Francisco.

Yesterday, we told you how the Coast Guard in California let it slip that tech giant Google had something to do with what sits on top of both barges.  Turns out it was true.

The modules on the barges will offer a variety of high tech showrooms and a party deck which will be available by invitation only to Google's upscale customers.

A source who has boarded the barge off the coast of San Francisco's Treasure Island told KPIX TV that the first three floors will offer "dazzling showrooms" with chrome features and floor lighting.  The "upscale" party deck is where Google execs will hob knob with prospective customers.

The 40 foot modules can be moved around so that the structure can have a different layout, or be entirely disassembled with the parts put on a ship or rail and be taken anywhere in the world.

The barge and it's cargo have been labeled "floating vessels" by the U.S. Coast Guard and now sit in limbo as the red tape is cleared up.

Looks like the mystery floating in Portland Harbor for the past week or so has been unveiled.