An international list of some of the creepiest museums in the world, Maine is home to one.

From bigfoot sightings in the big woods, to the hundreds of statewide UFO sightings reported each year, and our history of hauntings; Maine is no stranger to the, well, strange. Much of Maine's mysterious connection to the unknown is documented at the International Cryptozoology Museum. The museum, located at Thompson's Point in Portland, is home to cryptozoological evidence, artifacts, and replicas.

The International Cryptozoology Museum recently was listed among Tavel Channel's gallery of "15 of the Spookiest, Creepiest Museums Ever." The article says: "The International Cryptozoology Museum at Thompson's Point, in Portland, Maine, may make you believe in creatures you never believed in before, like Bigfoot and the Yeti (sometimes known as the Abominable Snowman, although some people claim they're different beasts). It also houses a replica of a rare, carnivorous marsupial and exhibits of legendary monsters like the Jersey Devil, the Dover Demon, and the Napes/Skunk Apes. At least, we hope they’re legends. We’re sleeping with the lights on, just in case."

Visitors to the museum are welcomed by an 8 1/2 foot-tall bigfoot statue. The wooden, chainsaw carved, statue weighs 800 pounds. It was installed in 2016.

We'll take the spooky street cred, especially after Travel Channel ranked Maine low on their list of Most Haunted States. Their findings were based on data from shows like Ghost AdventuresKindred Spirts, and Portals To Hell. All of these shows have never filmed in Maine, with the partial exception of Kindred Spirts. Host, Amy Bruni, investigated Fort Knox back when she was on Ghost Hunters as a member of TAPS. Maine tied at No. 43 with Maryland, North Dakota, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Nebraska.

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