There must be something in the water.  Or, maybe it's just a little bit colder.

Lobster roll lovers know that the further Downeast that one goes the better tasting the roll gets, and within this country you really can't go any farther east than Eastport.

It's always a special day when you get to take a trip to Eastport. The oceanfront scenery really doesn't get much better than traveling throughout both Hancock and Washington Counties, and for lobster lovers, the final destination was always worth the drive.

We'd always look forward to sitting at the picnic tables at Quoddy Bay Lobster with both the locals and the tourists from New Jersey and enjoying one of the better-tasting lobster rolls in Maine, or on the planet for that matter.

We didn't get to do it last year, as the family that runs and owns the business informed us via Facebook that for both health reasons and staffing shortages, the popular take-out wouldn't open for the season.

So, we held out for 2022.

Today came the very unfortunate news once again via Facebook that Quoddy Bay Lobster in Eastport will not reopen both the take-out and the fish market, and close them both indefinitely.

A total lobster bummer. We bet the giant fisherman statue on the waterfront is shedding a tear over that one.  We know we are.

We wish the owners of Quoddy Bar Lobster the best and have high hopes that everyone within the family is well, and thank you for the delicious lobster rolls over the years!

We'll still come to Eastport by the way and will now look forward to a stop at Rosie's Hot Dog Stand on the beautiful waterfront there.

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