This is not totally new but it is new to us.  In the beginning he make a good pints that of all the great things in the world to rap about main stream rappers seem kind of stalled on 4 topics. After he outlines these with a few swears he breaks into the most informative rap about Lobsters you'll ever hear.

I say that with confidence because I am pretty sure no one before or since has ever done one. This guys real name is David McCleary Sheldon, but he goes by Mac Lethal.  Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri he is billed as an American hip hop artist and started his own record company called, Black Clover Records. And as you'll catch in the video he'll rap about anything you can think up.  Plus we need to add Kudos for rhyming things with lobster. Now, since with summer on the horizon we're always in the mood for lobster let's give him a whirl.

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