Some may need one while others may not.

REAL ID is now available to us here in Maine.  Confused?  Maybe we can clear things up for you.

Most states have been issuing REAL ID for quite awhile, and now it's Maine's turn to do so.

Beginning October 1st, 2020, you will need a REAL ID to board a commercial airliner or to enter a Federal facility, providing that you don't already possess a passport or military ID.

You do not need a Real ID to drive, register to vote, apply for Federal benefits, rent a vehicle, or purchase alcohol or tobacco products.

REAL IDs are now available at the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the same place you go to renew your license.  When you go to the BMV you can either renew your driver's license and get a REAL ID driver's license, or, just get a REAL ID to use as identification.

A non-commercial REAL ID driver's license will cost you $55.  A REAL ID will cost $30.

A REAL ID driver's license or ID will be marked with a white star within a gold state of Maine image.

The Maine Bureau Of Motor Vehicles has even more information for you at their website.

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