While we were all bracing for the wild and windy weather this past Halloween weekend, I couldn't help but think "As bad as all this wind and rain is...at least it's not snow!"

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As strange as that sounds, we here in Maine know that the occurrence of an October or early November blizzard is not out of the realm of possibility. In fact, we had one about 7 years ago this very week. Do you remember?

November 2014 Snowfall 2, Cori Skall

According to our very own local meteorologist, WABI TV 5's Todd Simcox, the storm dropped an entire foot of snow in Bangor by nightfall. With heavy snowfall and high, gusting winds, it was quite the storm.

"A major snowstorm impacted Maine on November 2, 2014, and dumped between 10-16" across much of interior Downeast Maine north to about Houlton. I believe Cary, ME which is located along the border, just south of Houlton, came in with 22" from this storm."

2014 Snowfall Total for first storm in November, National Weather Service

I remember there being quite a bit of damage done by the time the storm wound down. There were several huge limbs that had broken off the tree in my front yard, and all the way down the road was the same kind of scene.

November 2014 Snowfall, Cori Skall

The downed limbs and power lines led to a loss of power that went on longer than anyone expected it to...not as long as the Ice Storm of 98, mind you, but a good couple of days for some folks. Simcox said the heavy snow was to blame.

"It was a heavy wet snow resulting in more than 130,000 homes/businesses without power... some were out for several days."

I had three little ones at the time and can recall cooking pancakes on our camp stove for lunch the next day.

Snowstorm 2014 camp cooking, Cori Skall

We even made the National NBC News when power was knocked out thousands of folks across the state.

Simcox says that November kicked off a record-setting year as far as snowfall was concerned.

"We were hit with another big snowstorm at the end of the month which helped to make November 2014... the snowiest November on record. These storms were the start of what shaped up to a very cold and snowy winter across Maine. The 2014-15 winter is the 2nd snowiest on record in Bangor."

So let's keep some perspective as we start to get into these late fall/winter months...

Yes, it's starting to get colder.  And yes, the wind and flooding last weekend has definitely left some damage behind. But hey, at least it wasn't snowing!

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