As hundreds of local, state, and federal resources are being utilized across Maine in the massive manhunt taking place for accused killer, Rob Card, a bit of a ripple effect is taking place around the city of Lewiston and it's reached the transportation and trucking industry.

With the 'Shelter-In-Place' order in effect for Androscoggin County and parts of northern Sagadahoc County, many businesses in the area have been closed since Wednesday, including the Hannafords in the area, and the Walmart Distribution Center in Lewiston.

That means that the truckers, from all over the country, that have driven to Lewiston to deliver their goods, have had no way to do that, because no one is at the distribution center, or the other businesses to receive their loads.

With nowhere to go, these trucks have been forced to sit, idling, on the side of the road. And the number of trucks lining the roads just keeps growing, as you can see from the video.

Robert Gould, who grew up in the Auburn area, drove the roadways leading up to the distribution center in Lewiston around 10 AM Friday morning, and this is what the scene looked like.

"This is an old satellite image and the red line I drew is where all the trucks are. The usually park on Challenger Drive waiting for their dock time. This started yesterday though and they are parked just as you exit the Maine Turnpike northbound and mostly double parked on the right side of the road all the way up to the second right. The first right, following the red line is Challenger Drive. The second right following the red line is Goddard Road. Goddard is where the Walmart entrance is located. Trucks were also parked on the opposite side of Alfred Plourde Parkway."

Lewiston Trucks 1, Google
Lewiston Trucks 1, Google

"The very right of the image is the start of the Walmart Distribution Center. It says Goddard on the point that is placed on the picture."

Lewiston Trucks 2, Google
Lewiston Trucks 2, Google

"In this image, the lower left I have circled Schmengies and the top right is the Walmart Distribution Center."

Truckers we have spoken with today have concerns about their fuel levels and where they'll be able to get food to eat, as everything around them is closed. They also say that this has already started to affect jobs they were scheduled to move onto after their Lewiston assignments. Not only that, but they say this will ultimately have an impact on what goods are available at local stores, when the Shelter-In-Place Order is lifted, and stores start to open for business again.

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