Maybe you've recently taken notice of the measurement stakes with fluorescent orange flags lining both sides of the busy highway in Holden.

Regular users know that just about any section of Route 1A between Brewer and Ellsworth can be labeled as a "high crash area", but with many businesses lining both sides of the road throughout Holden, vehicles that are struck from behind is a far too often occurrence.

So for safety reasons, beginning this Sunday night, July 21st, the Maine Department of Transportation and it's contractor, Pike Industries of Fairfield, will begin to install a two-way left-hand turn lane along two stretches of the Main Road, otherwise knows as Route 1A.

According to a MDOT press release, "Crashes have been happening in this area when drivers slow down to make left-hand turns and are hit from behind by drivers who are distracted, impaired, or unaware of slowing traffic. The goal of adding a center lane for left-hand turns is to reduce the frequency and severity of such crashes. The work being done will also help preserve the pavement."

This project will take place along two different areas of Route 1A within Holden.  One section begins one mile east of Charles Drive and extends east for one mile to Copeland Hill Road. The other begins a half-mile southeast of Debeck Road and extends southeasterly for three-quarters of a mile to Copeland Hill Road.

The good news for commuters and the bad news for those that like to sleep is that work will take place at night, between 7PM and 6AM, Sundays through Fridays.

The project is due to be completed September 19th of this year.

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