We thought for fun, since every amateur drinker on Earth wholeheartedly embraces Cinco De Mayo, we thought it would be fun to ruin a margarita with one ingredient. Ketchup? Hot fudge? Bueller....?

JStew: Over the years, I've played this game in different versions, but food versions are always my favorite. When I used to do kitchen work, we used to try and conceive of a dish that absolutely no one would eat. I believe the winner was a sashimi pork burrito, with room temperature egg sauce. It sounds more dangerous than delicious, that's for sure. But if I were to straight-up ruin a margarite with one ingredient? Nail clippings.... Who would dare drink anything that had someone's toe or finger nails in it? If you would drink that, we might be best friends....just sayin'....

Cori: Gross, JStew! Why? I mean....blech....But along those same lines, I'd have to say, hair. If I found hair in my Margarita....a hair in pretty much anything....I'm gonna leave it right where it sits. No thank you! If it had to be an actual food ingredient, as much as I love milk, milk and booze hardly ever mix well. So there you have it: hair or milk!

These answers were awesome. We hope we never have to drink these in the afterlife as punishment. Some were sheer punishment to read.

Christine Thibodeau Olives
Bobbie Lindsey El Toro
Paul Keezer Ex Wife.....
Bob Hatch Leave out the tequila
Peter Drummond Add rum instead of tequila
Kari Jo Davis As soon as you add anything to tequila, you ruin it.
Holli Finkle By making it strawberry flavored.
Todd Orcutt Peanut butter.
Josiah Babcock Limburger cheese
Greg Brown Def rookie mistake. Pro tip: Camembert. Ripe n runny.
Marcy Litman Milk
Lisa Major Johnson Cauliflower
Paul Moore Any ex girlfriend
Dale Young Prune juice
Aj Riseman Oj
Mike Weston Hot sauce.
Patricia Kay Margarita mix.
Allison Trainor Hopkins Cheap tequila and sour mix
Melanie Bolduc Roses Lime
George Johnson Hamilton Sardines
Gerry Walsh Jaegermeister
David L Pooler pudding
Spence Nelson Handcuffs.
Mike Bacon Caton Allen's coffee brandy
Chris Goett Country music
Tanya Kelly Beer
Chris Golding Work
Matt Perkins Mayonnaise
Thom Osborne Pieces of a blown-out flip-flop.
Lorrie Maiorano STD
D.j. Price I’m just going to say mangarita and leave that to fall as it may
Kristina Ricker Make it with beer and call it a beer Rita. Oh wait they already did that. Blahhh! Rim it with cinnamon instead of salt.
Jeffrey Kesler Ipecac
Jim Murphy Sour milk
Ceci Danforth Pomegranate

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