I know the weather has been cold but as I am out and about I can't help but notice that Maine's Spring is truly here in force. Ahhh, let me count the ways we know for sure Winter is behind us all.

  • 1

    Running The Pothole Gauntlet

    My Dad use to say "Comes a time when you aren't trying to avoid the potholes any more you're trying to pick which one to hit." That comes later in the Spring though.  For now we amble down the roads weaving from left to right and breaking for no obvious reason in the never ending battle to make it from point A to point B.  It cuts off at the end but I think you'll get the point.

  • 2

    Snowbanks The Look Like Used Coffee Filters

    You know that during the winter months we are so thankful for all the sand and dirt that keeps us safe on the roads but come spring you start to see just what 20 layers of dirt looks like.

  • 3

    Birds Calling Out To Say Spring IS HERE!!!

    It isn't like I never hear birds sing in the morning during the winter but not like this.  It is sheer joy and I challenge you to listen without smiling. If I had a better camera you could see him bright red up in the tree singing his heart out.

  • 4

    Trash Blooming Out Of The Snow

    I am not sure if we are this messy all Summer long too and it just blows away or what but a definite sign of Spring is the blooming garbage.

  • 5

    And Oh The MUD.

    The places we could walk and park in this picture just days before are now officially a bad idea. A sure sign of Maine's Spring that has us rethinking our foot wear and trying to walk lightly as not to sink in.

  • 6

    Outdoor Christmas Decorations That Have Had Enough.

    You know it all looks so pretty around the Holidays but when Spring's sun and warmer temperatures find them it is brown and nasty in a hurry.  Now if I could just convince the snowbank to let me have it back.

  • 7

    No More Snowpants On My Walk.

    I showed this picture to Amanda and she allowed how I was still pretty trussed up.  Still going back to regular pants is a ode to  Spring and it was still 36 degrees out at 7AM might I say.

  • 8

    Folks Who Have Had It UP TO HERE! With Snow

    I love Winter and as for me I am not thinking of warmer climates for any more than a vacation but it does seem like in Spring you see more signs in the banks...or maybe that is just me imagination.