If you listen to I-95, Bangor's Classic Rock Station, you've heard it.

Lots of listeners have sent -- and continue to send -- us audio of themselves saying a familiar line: "I'm [NAME] from [TOWN] and I-95 rocks!"

Lots more of you have called or messaged us asking how to do it.

It's really easy.

First, just download the I-95 app. Just head on over to Google Play or the Apple App Store. You'll find our app in both places.

Then just tap the Say 'I-95 Rocks' microphone. See the big red arrow below. It's right there!

I-95 app
I-95 app

From there, just provide your info and record yourself saying "I'm [FIRST NAME] from [TOWN], and I-95 ROCKS!"

Easy, huh?

Then, keep listening to all your favorite classic rock and you might just hear yourself between songs.

Here's a little-known fact: Every month or so, we pick a random entrant and send them a little token of our appreciation -- usually a $25 Amazon card, but who knows?! Really, it depends on what we have in our prize closet.

But, first things first: Get that app.

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