The fine folks at the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office are trying to spread the word, once again, of yet another method awful people are using to try to fleece ordinary individuals of their hard-earned cash.

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Earlier this week, the Sheriff's Office sent out a release reminding people to be wary of anyone who calls and asks for money or personal information over the phone-- even if they might sound like they're legitimate.

Sheriffs say there are currently a number of different scenarios scammers utilize to get access to a victim's money, all starting with what would seem like a simple phone call.

Rafael Abdrakhmanov
Rafael Abdrakhmanov

"The scammers indicate there is an immediate financial need for an attorney. The scammers share limited details but state they will send a personal courier to come get the cash. Feeling overwhelmed the victim(s) gives the money away."

Some of the scenarios scammers have tried to use in this area include:

"Someone has been arrested and bail money is needed.
Someone has been involved in a legal matter and a lawyer is needed."
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Scammers could also try to claim that someone you know has gone off the road or been in an accident and they need money to cover the cost of a tow service.
Folks with the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office warn that you should never, ever share personal information over the phone. They also say you shouldn't let anyone know that you could make a cash payment if needed because that could lead you to a host of very dangerous situations.
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They recommend that if you end up in a situation like this, or have questions, always call the authorities first.

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