Workers and fans of Sears at the Bangor Mall are breathing a sigh of relief this morning!

Just yesterday, Sears, which also owns KMart, announced the pending closure of 72 stores across the country, according to  No stores located in Maine were on the LIST, thankfully.

This is the second round of Sears closures to hit the country this year, as brick and mortar stores suffer from the popularity of online shopping. In January Sears listed 150 stores due to close.

Late last year the company announced the closing of KMart on Hogan Road.  That business unfortunately closed this past April.  More bad news was announced in January when we learned that Macys at Bangor Mall would also close.  Workers at the JC Penney store were very concerned this past winter when that company signaled that it would be closing some stores nationwide.  Eventually it was announced that the Bangor Mall JC Penny store was safe, and that the store in Rockland would close.

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