The Milo solar farm is expected to power up to 5,430 homes right here in Maine.

Wow, now that's a solar farm.  The 110 acre site that was once home to the old Kroemer farm in Milo is now part of the Eastern Piscataquis Industrial Park just off of Route 11, and is slowly being filled with 67,000 bi-facial solar panels, pretty much as far as the eye can see.
The new bi-facial solar panels will generate power from both directions, as power is made from the bottom of the panels as well when the sun reflects off the snow.

BNRG Maine and Dirigo Solar of Portland are the companies that are building the Milo farm, along with projects in 7 other communities across Maine, including one in Hancock that's scheduled for 2021.

About 170 workers have been in Milo recently building the project, according to The big wide open field that the solar panels sit in provide clear and open access to the light of the sun.
Power produced by the solar panel field in Milo will be sold to Versant Power at a rate much cheaper than the local power company has to go to market each year to obtain, and the savings will be passed along to Mainers.  The power will be pumped into a nearby Versant Power substation, which is another reason why the solar panel farm is being constructed where it is.
While most feel that the new solar field will save both Mainers money in the long run and also save the earth itself from the ramifications of burning fossil fuel, others feel that it is a scar on the landscape of Milo.
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