So a person gets designs on your spouse and next thing you know life as you know it is over, should you be able to sue that person? Some states say yes to this controversial idea.

The suit is for Alienation of Affection, as reported by News Center, and in this legal suit you can reap damages from the person who broke up your marriage. Not here in Maine though, only a few places -- including North Carolina, Mississippi, South Dakota, New Mexico, Utah, Hawaii, and the territory of Puerto Rico -- still allow Alienation of Affection.

Based on an old charter, this gives a whole new level of accountability to anyone who would look to interfere in another person's marriage and family. This law does not only cover infidelity either. In some cases it is called the mother-in-law suit for obvious reasons. And although compensation for this "wrongful act" does not mend a broken heart would the possibility make a person think twice before engaging in that kind of action?

So should this kind of case be legal in Maine?

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