It's that time of year where, likely, your work email is blowing up with an office bracket challenge for college basketball. Now, I don't hate sports, but I am grossly uniformed when it comes to that sort of thing. Historically, I've always passed mine along to a friend that knows a lot about sports, and he fills it out on the promise that if I win anything, I have to split the prize with him.

But what if you just flat-out don't care? What's your challenge going to be? What sort of spirit of competition can you indulge in to feel like you're part of the action? I thought maybe I'd come up with just that very thing. A sports hater's bracket challenge! Maybe hater is too strong a word. Maybe not. It's your bracket.

I thought perhaps it could be centered around food. We all have to eat, so maybe this challenge could inspire you to get your crap together, plan a bunch of meals, and make your sporty friends jealous that you have a source of intense competition that they didn't know about.

I made my own bracket, and I must say, it was a journey of self-discovery. I had no idea how I would rate all these foods for myself, or whether I could be fair to all my favorite foods. However, the winner came as no surprise to myself, or the guy I share an office with, as he's had to watch me eat sushi at my desk way too many times. Or even worse, that time I got a piece of salmon stuck under the "W" key. That was a bad week for both of us.

Now, you can go build your own bracket and impress your friends. Well, maybe. So far none of the sports fans around the office seem to give a hoot about my sweet bracket. But that's not what's important. What's important is that I engaged in something fun. How often do you do dumb stuff for fun? I guarantee not often enough.

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