It's Friday... So Let's see what we have on tap for our Weekly Web Wonder. Phil Collins provides the soundtrack for some great entertainment. Let's do what we do best on a Friday, and kill some time while the boss isn't looking...

JStew: I don't care what anyone says. Phil Collins is the man! Sure, he had that not so bright spot in his career where he pretty much stopped writing music for adults. But you know, Disney can add so many zeroes to your paycheck, it's hard not to abandon your entire back catalog, haha. But let's face it... Phil has written some of the most iconic songs ever, so far. So, it means some of his music has transcended from pop music to pop culture. Just look at the variety of ways this one song has been used to create some of the most amazing humor on YouTube. If you can make it through any one of these videos without cracking a smile, or ugly-laughing for ten minutes straight, for that matter, you're a tougher bird than I am.

Cori: Sometimes, after a particularly tough week or stressful day, you just need a few minutes of uninterrupted ridiculousness to make you chuckle. Laughter is one of the fasted stress-killers of all time, I have found. A friend of mine had shared the clip of the kids crashing to Phil Collins, and well that took me down a particularly hilarious rabbit-hole of other amazingly timed mishaps to "In The Air Tonight", so we hope this lightens your Friday!

Oh deer!

This took some time and skills!  Hahahaha

This is why it's best to leave the DJing to the professionals!

The look on that cat's face....

We hope this helped you kill some time today. Check back next week for another Weekly Web Wonder. We're here to help!


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