The Spanish flu began during September of 1918 in the Boston area, and now suddenly, things are eerily familiar.

Take ten minutes today to read this recent story from The Boston Globe.  It explains how a sickness that would be eventually called the Spanish flu came to be 102 years ago here in New England. It tells of the initial and very cavalier reaction of the public, medical professionals, and politicians, and then how eventually hundreds would die everyday in the weeks following.

I guess that it's a human reaction to dismiss the severity of the unknown.  To discount the words of those that we believe to be alarmists, and continue to live within our own carefree little world. At times I am one of those as well.

But, history has a way of repeating itself, and now as many others should well be, I am concerned.

Protect yourself, by following the guidelines of the CDC, Bangor area medical professionals, and those much smarter than you and I.  Hopefully, we'll all get through this together.


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