The Skowhegan Police Department has come up with a simple solution to preventing porch pirates from taking your deliveries over the holidays.

What's a Porch Pirate?

It's so frustrating, and even infuriating, when you decide on the perfect gift for a loved one, search online until you find just the right one, and order it, only to have it stolen off your front stoop by people not-so-affectionally-known as "porch pirates." Now, you not only have to replace the gift but there may not be time to get it delivered before the holiday. And you still have the possibility of the replacement gift being stolen, as well.

Some people are in a position to have their holiday packages delivered to their place of work, but that's not possible for everyone. I once lived in a large apartment complex, where we had small, locked mailboxes. If you got a package that would fit in that tiny box, the delivery person would leave it on the ground underneath your box. I, personally, never had a package walk away, but I know some people did.

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The Skowhegan Police are here to help with Operation Safe Delivery.

Members of the Skowhegan Police Department decided they need to do something to foil the efforts of these dastardly porch pirates. It's not like they can add extra patrols to stand guard over your packages, as they sit on your front steps. So, instead, they're offering for people to have their deliveries sent to the police department, where they'll be watched over and kept under lock and key until the recipients stop by to pick them up. It's brilliant, really. You can order your child a Tamagotchi Pix or Polly Pocket Unbox It and know that it will be under your tree come Christmas morning.

Where do I have packages sent?

Beginning this weekend, packages in Skowhegan can be delivered to:

225 Water Street
Skowhegan, ME 04976

The only caveat is that they have to be picked up within 3 days of delivery to prevent the department from getting overrun. More information about pickup times, etc. can be found on the Skowhegan Police Department's Facebook page.

Kudos to the Skowhegan Police for coming up with a perfect solution. Porch pirates foiled again!

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