As the freezing rain changes to a wintry mix across Eastern Maine, authorities are urging drivers to be very cautious when traveling the roadways tonight.


Accidents have been reported all over the place, from Bangor to Waterville, Winterport to Blue Hill.

Road crews were out early this morning, and will likely remain working till late this evening, to do their best to keep the roads passable. But they're fighting an uphill battle against changing conditions; chasing freezing rain as it warmed up and melted during the morning hours, and now dealing with all that fell and stuck to the ground as it freezes again, thanks to dropping temperatures.

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And that, ladies and gentlemen, has created less than ideal driving conditions. In fact, it's a mess out there!

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The Penobscot County Sheriff's Department just released this message on their Facebook Page:

"The Sheriff’s Office reports very icy road conditions during this weather change over. The road crews are doing a great job but these conditions are hard to maintain.

Please slow down, eliminate unnecessary travel and use caution if you do come upon highway crews maintaining the roads or public safety investigating traffic crashes."
Car on the street covered by icy rain
 The Maine DOT put their own alert out reminding folks to be mindful that things can get slick quick, especially around bridges.
" A reminder that bridges freeze before roadways due to the colder air temperatures on all sides of the structure."
 Basically, if you don't have to go out tonight, it might be best to stay put, and out of the way. If you do, please take it slow, pay attention and be prepared. Can't hurt to throw an extra blanket or emergency supplies in the back of your car, in case you do end up going off the road.
Stay safe out there!

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