We're all very familiar with the bigger runways in Maine, like those at both the Portland and Bangor International airports.  But what about the little guys?  There are the airstrips that the owners of private planes use, and some of these may either be seldom or not even used anymore.  But, they're there for a reason, or at least history tells us that they once were.

They're sprawled out over eastern Maine, in towns like Otis, Deblois, Carmel, Islesboro, Pittsfield and Cutler.  Both private and business owners use them to transport workers, goods, and tourism into our state.  Some of these small airstrips are located by water and can accommodate a seaplane.  Some were used years ago for military training, and may answer the question as to where that low flying Air Force jet was going that you saw flying low over the trees back when you were young.

Some are owned by the towns that they're located in, while others are privately owned and maintained.

Regardless of how they are used, where some of these are located within rural Maine may amaze you and then make you wonder, exactly who is using these small airstrips.  You may not want to know.

Small Airstrips In Eastern Maine

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