Was the water just moving around in that glass by itself?  Yes, probably so.

There was another small earthquake in Maine recently.  It happened this past Friday morning at exactly 4:03 somewhere between the towns of Turner and Greene by Lewiston.

It wasn't a very big one, registering in at 1.7 magnitude.  Just barely big enough to maybe have been felt in the right circumstance.  If you were walking or running you wouldn't have, but if you were sitting or lying still you may have.  The dog may have briefly looked up and wondered what that was, if he had been awake.

It happened 4.1 miles below the surface, in case you were interested.

This is the 5th earthquake to happen this year here in Maine, with the others being:

July 29th - Bath - 2.2 magnitude

July 24th - Harrison - 2.1 magnitude

April 11th - Winterport - 2.1 magnitude

March 9th - Scarborough - 2.7 magnitude

Over the years we've experienced a few larger and more memorable earthquakes here in Maine.

On October 16, 2012, one was centered around Hollis Center just outside of Saco, and felt all the way to Bangor.  That one registered in at 4.0 magnitude.

Then there was the one that happened on October 2, 2006 off the coast of Mount Desert Island, it registered at 4.2 magnitude and was felt all the way to Bangor.  It was also clearly heard and sounded like a very loud episode of rolling thunder.

So far we've been fortunate here in Maine and have not experienced an earthquake that has caused any major destruction, at least within our lifetimes.

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