Always a little startling when an actor you've known and loves who is about your same age passed unexpectedly.  I felt the same way when Carrie Fisher, who I watched last night again in the latest Star Wars movie. passed.

I was blessed to review movies for many years here in the Bangor area and I found Bill to be such a wonderful addition to any movie of which he was a part.  Often times not the lead but always memorable in whatever character he played.  My favorite movies in which he played a part are, Aliens, Terminator, Titanic, Edge of Tomorrow, Apollo 13 and Twister.  Add to that countless TV shows there was just something so likeable about the guy even when he was playing someone rather annoying.  Too young, Too soon.  God be with his family and all those who loved him at this time.

Here is the trailer from what will be his last film reunited with Tom Hanks and starring Emma Watson.


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