For Tuesday's show, we put out the question, if there was one thing you never, ever had to do again, what would it be?

JStew: Hmmmm.... I'm not sure I have any totally specific things that I just hate. But, there are chores around my house that I wish would simply disappear. My wife and I try to split these things up and work together, but house work always needs to be done. Even when it's just two people. Sometimes I think it just being two people makes it worse. There's no one else to blame it on. We can't blame our lazy spouse, because we both pitch in. Does my wife do more? Probably. But I am totally voice activated, so if she asks me to do something, I absolutely get it done. But it would be nice if this big, old house would just clean itself. So yeah.... bye-bye housecleaning.

Cori: If I had to choose one thing, I would say it would be to treat my heartburn--hopefully because it would be resolved. I have lived with chronic heartburn since I was about 16, and don't know a life without Tums, taken daily, in large quantities! If I could not have to take Tums or any other heartburn meds again, I would choose that! A close second would be to do laundry. I HATE doing's the bane of my existence! I spend HOURS doing it. I would love to have that time back!

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Your answers were actually all over the place. It's interesting what some people decide is terrible versus someone else. Let's check out your answers...

Kari Jo Davis If I never ride a greyhound bus to NC, it would be too soon.
Nikki Johnson Dishes
James Naaykens Jr Moving. Packing
Kelly Mahar Wash dishes/clean the kitchen
Dennis Bean Watch anyone lose a loved one or all their worlds possessions thru the wrath of fire!!! A witness to it over 30+ years is plenty. Folks...stay safe out there and watch out for one another!
Bob Hatch Make a vehicle payment.
James Hubisz Work.... But still get money
Kristi Carney Clean the floors.
Mary Klein Drouin Work, Empty the cat box, Drive
Paul Keezer Pay taxes....
Betsy Goodwin Change a diaper. We have been changing diapers for 10 years now and only 2 kids. Still working on the youngest.
Greg Miller Work ... I mean with the average life expectancy at 78 years, who decided we had to work for 50 years to enjoy maybe 10-15 years of freedom?
Caller: Shave
Steve Walk outside and hit cold air!

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