Head for your favorite swimming hole or just break out the garden hose, because the first day of summer is going to be a hot one!

Now this is the week for a vacation here in Maine, with summer like temperatures and sunny skies prevailing for it's entirety.  The National Weather Service tells us that by Friday that the Bangor area could see high temperatures hitting 90 or above.

The heat will increase as the week goes on, as we start out with a high of 80 today.  Here's what to expect between now and this weekend.

Tuesday - Mostly sunny with a high of 80.

Wednesday - Mostly sunny with a high of 83.

Thursday - Mostly sunny and hot with a high of 88.

Friday - Mostly sunny and hot with a high of 90.

Saturday (first day of summer) - Mostly sunny and hot with a high of 88.

Heck, even why up in the northern part of the state high temperatures will be in the upper 80s for the remainder of the week. The bad news is that it's "abnormally dry" in the area, and that there's no rain in the immediate forecast. As of this writing, fire danger in our area is considered "moderate", but with dry conditions prevailing and temperatures increasing all the way throughout the weekend there's a vary good chance that it will increase across the state.  Please be careful with any sort of outdoor fire, fireworks, and the discarding of smoking materials.

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