I get it. I really do hate wearing a mask as much as anybody. I also know it doesn't do as much to protect myself, but I want others around me to feel safe when I'm around. And I also understand the frustration of trying to explain a medical condition to someone. But there's an added wrinkle to this whole debate.

There have been cards going around that claim it's discrimination to refuse entry to a business for not wearing a mask. Further, the card states it's a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and that the business could face a fine of tens of thousands of dollars.

Photo US Dept. of Justice
Photo US Dept. of Justice

The problem is, these cards aren't even worth the paper the printed on. To the point that the Dept. of Justice issued a statement stating specifically that it's not a violation of anyone's rights to deny them entry into a business for not masking. The ADA also said on their website that they were not involved in issuing these cards in any way.

Folks who do have a legit medical condition are not required to show any proof of their condition. And most business will offer curbside options for folks who can't mask. Maybe for some it's just not practical. But if someone presents one of these cards, it'll just cause arguments.

The thing that really gets me is folks who make these things. It provides people with this sense of security that just isn't there. Thus, causing even more division in our day to day living. No one needs that. It's tough enough to keep our cool while the whole world is on edge. This kind of thing won't help with that at all.

There's no good news for either side in this case. But remember... if you have a condition, you do not need a reason to not wear a mask. But, as a business, you have the right to not let them in. Let's just hope cooler heads prevail. Hope hard.

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