Our Pet of the Week this week is a beautiful Southern Belle named FeeFee. Making her way to the SPCA of Hancock County in a group of animals that were rescued from Maryland, FeeFee has a mind of her own.

Pet Of The Week FeeFee SPCA of Hancock County
Pet Of The Week FeeFee SPCA of Hancock County

The folks at the SPCA of Hancock County tell us that this particular feline is a bit on the picky side, as she wants to waste no time giving love to just any person or pet; she wants it to be the right fit for her. So she's going to likely pick her person and not the other way around.

"This orange beauty has the most stunning green eyes and an enormous purr. FeeFee is 12 years old, and she has lived for over one year in a shelter. She enjoys Temptation squeeze tubes as her favorite kind of treat. FeeFee will tolerate a cat who won't pay attention to her, but otherwise, she would like a single cat home. FeeFee does not seem to like dogs. If you are looking for a beautiful orange cat to spoil and love as your only cat, FeeFee may be just the cat for you!"

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If you want to check out Miss FeeFee, or any of the other amazing animals at the SPCA of Hancock County, you can give the SPCA of Hancock County a call at 667-8088 or check them out online at SPCAHancockCounty.org.

If you'd rather visit in person, you can check them out at their location at 141 Bar Harbor Rd. in Trenton.

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