This past January 17 would have been the late Betty White, America's Golden Girl's, 100th birthday. Unfortunately, she passed away just a couple of weeks shy of that. But based on what happened in her honor, we're guessing she's somewhere celebrating big time.

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A movement to honor Betty White grew just days after she died. It was a movement based on White's years of working with organizations that helped animals.

And thus, the #BettyWhiteChallenge was born. To take part in the challenge, all you had to do was make a donation to a local animal organization in honor of Betty White.

Let's just say, scores of animals, nationwide, will benefit because of Betty.

Locally, one such group, the SPCA of Hancock County, received several thousand dollars in donations as part of the Betty White Challenge. And in this week's Pet of the Week Post, they wanted to say Thank YOU for being a friend, to this special kitty appropriately named Betty.

Betty The Cat, SPCA of Hancock County
Betty The Cat, SPCA of Hancock County

"Kitten Betty and her friends here at the shelter are blown away by the fact that you folks raised over $6,000 for us, and donations are still trickling in that have been written in honor of Betty White. It’s not just yellow eyes that make a kitty like Betty feel like a Golden Girl - it’s this amazing community that cares so much about all of our cats and dogs."

Betty The Cat, SPCA of Hancock County
Betty The Cat, SPCA of Hancock County

"We cannot thank everyone enough for the immense show of support, whether it came through Facebook, online donations, mailed-in checks, or was even delivered in person. Betty White devoted her life to improving the lives of animals, and you all have done an incredible job of honoring that amazing life. Thank you from all of us at the SPCA of Hancock County!"

For more information on Betty or any of the animals up for adoption at the SPCA of Hancock County, you can reach out to them via their website,, or call them directly at 207-667-8088.

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