We don't know what goes on in the minds of those folk who roam around town at night dressed in black, but we confess we've had a few near misses.

Unfortunately the State Police know only too well that near misses aren't always the case. So before it starts getting dark at 5:30, stop in and be a part of their "Be Safe Be Seen" project.

How does it work? Maine State Police Traffic Safety and Maine DOT, in conjunction with 3M, have made available reflective adhesive strips and arm or leg bands for the public for free. Many Troop Commanders are making these available in the lobbies of their troops.

Participating locations include:

  • Troop A, 502 Waterboro Road, Alfred
  • Troop B, 1 Game Farm Road, Gray
  • Troop D, 36 Hospital Street, Augusta
  • Troop E, 198 Maine Ave, Bangor
  • Troop J, 180 Bangor Road, Ellsworth

And this isn't just for pedestrians.

This program is intended to make cyclists more visible too and was also put into practice before Halloween on purpose.

Being seen can sometimes make the difference between having a happy Halloween and having a tragedy.

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