Why is there a random Jeep in my driveway?

I was at home on Wednesday, cooking away in preparation for the next day's festivities when I noticed an odd Jeep I didn't recognize, coming down my driveway. I live out in the sticks a little bit, so when a car pokes in my driveway, it's typically to turn around because they're lost. Not hard to do out that way.

But this guy just kept coming, and pulled all the way up to my front steps. When he got out, my dog started freaking out, and I realized the guy had a package in his hands. He simply placed it on the steps, scanned it with his phone, then got back in his Jeep and drove away.

So what's that all about?

I remembered seeing a couple of days previous, that someone on the Living in Hampden Facebook page mentioned that they were working for UPS during the holiday season as a driver. And that's exactly what was going on at my house. the package on my porch was from Amazon, and did indeed was a Christmas gift.

The only bummer of the whole thing was that the present is for me. So now I get to quietly obsess over what this gift is for another whole month. And it's double confusing, because the box was large, but also very light. So I started teasing my wife and telling her it must be a crappy present if it's that big, but that light. She didn't thin k it was funny. Oh well...

But that solves the mystery of the weird cars that might set off your cams or your doorbell or whatnot. It's likely just some Christmas cheer being spread your way.

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