Wow, bet there were a few second looks at that credit card receipt.

It was just a typical early Sunday afternoon at the Stumble Inn Bar & Grill at 20 Rockingham Road in  Londonberry, New Hampshire.  Folks were tossing back a few cold ones and enjoying the camaraderie of their family and friends when a man the staff had never seen before came strolling in and sat down.

The stranger then ordered a couple of chili dogs, fried pickles and a few drinks. Nobody gave it a second thought as the man ate his Sunday dinner and watched the 8 or so bartenders behind the bar and the waitresses go table to table while working the crowd.

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Apparently at some point during his meal he became highly impressed with the effort.

When the chili dogs had been eaten and it came time to check out at the register the man took out his credit card and handed it over to pay the $37.93, and when the receipt was given to him to sign he not only did that but wrote in what would become the tip of a lifetime, according to WCVB in Boston.

He then put the receipt down next to the register and told the waitress, "Don't spend it all in one place."

At first the waitress didn't think much of it, until he said "Don't spend it all in one place" yet again, and made her flip over the receipt.

The waitress then took notice of the $16,000 tip and said, "Oh my God, are you serious?"

The stranger then said, "I want you to have it, you guys work hard", and proceed to leave without anyone really ever knowing who he was, or if he did indeed enjoy the chili dogs and fried pickles.

The very generous tip was then shared with the entire staff.

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