E-mail, it seems to be a necessary evil in this day and age but sometimes when you need the answer the most it can seem to get lost in cyberspace. When that happens sometimes I'll just pick up the phone but time doesn't always allow. And although there are countless tips on how to manage your inbox if you’re on the receiving end and how to write better emails if you’re on the sending end. But when it comes down to getting a response turns out your momma had the best advice.

Computer keyboard keys spelling the word email

New research proves that emails that closed with a variation of thank you got significantly more responses than emails ending with other popular closings.

Here are the exact numbers:

  • Emails that ended in "Thanks in advance" had a 65.7 percent response rate.
  • Emails that ended in 'Thanks", 63 percent got responses.
  • Emails that closed in "Thank you" with a 57.9 percent response rate.



Moreover they found out that ending your email in Regards or Best could be dooming your response potential. In fact, Best is the worst performer of them all.

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