I'm not a big-time traveler, but there are some things I won't do.

I can't say that I always love to travel. I sleep like crap most of the time, my guts go bananas, and I kinda hate to shop. So the idea of walking around a random town endlessly doesn't really sound like my cup of tea. Although, oddly enough, I just did that very thing in Nova Scotia and had a blast. Go figure.

But there was one thing I definitely didn't do. I didn't buy a single piece of "touristy" clothing. You know what I'm talking about... You can always spot a tourist in Maine because they're always wearing clothes naming where they've been. If they're fresh in town today, they'll be wearing something from Cape Cod. Tomorrow, it will undoubtedly switch to saying Bar Harbor.

If you're thinking of coming to Maine, frontload some gear.

Maybe if you're coming to Maine, you might think about getting some clothing that really sets the tone for your visit. Maybe pre-order a baggy Bar Harbor sweatshirt or t-shirt. Or... you could outfit your feet with these badass lobster sandals. I literally searched "lobster sandals" as a joke while having a beer with my wife. BOOM! There they were.


Like, if I were going to Boston, maybe I could get some Paul Revere sandals or something. But since I live here, I can skip the bug feet. But you'll be here this summer, looking for the perfect thing to say, "Hey... I'm in Maine and want everyone to know that I embrace the only part of your culture that outsiders know about".

You can find these bad boys right now on Amazon for the low price of $19.88. This is ironic because it's probably the last time these had a chance to be fashionable... 1988. But these aren't about fashion. These are a declaration that you are in Maine, and ready to throw down like a local. Because, this must be what we wear too, right?


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