Summer road trips in Maine are a must do.  Summer is short and after all we do live in Vacationland right? The rub this year is that experts are predicting the highest gas prices since 2014 and that could add expense to your summer fun,  so read on to find the lowest gas prices.

So what is the reason for the pain at the pump this summer?  No surprise Fortune says the crude oil prices are the driving force as they are expected to go higher than they have been in three years.  Right now the U.S. daily national average for regular gasoline is now $2.81 per gallon. That's up from about $2.39 per gallon a year ago. These numbers are expected to increase your fuel spending by about $200.00 in 2018.

Currently in the State of Maine according to GasBuddy 2.49 in Auburn and 2.68 in Pittsfield are the cheapest in the state.  The average price in Maine currently is about 2.80 per gallon although there are some places around the Bangor /Brewer area as low as 2.71, if you can call that low.

Want to know how much extra to sock away? Plug your regular summer trips into the trip calculator and you'll find out.

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