Ah, finally! Summer in Maine. Whether you're a local looking for something to keep the kids entertained, a date night for you and your significant other, or you're a tourist looking for ideas for vacation, we've got you covered A to Z.

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Great view of Beehive Mountain

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With tours, cruises, hikes and more, you can't miss this STUNNING Maine landmark! Visit for the day or make plans to camp at one of their beautiful campgrounds.



Maine's Beer scene has been flourishing in recent years. It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite. The Maine Brewers' Guild makes exploring Maine beer incredibly simple. If there's a particular region you're visiting, if you're looking specifically for brewery tours or tasting rooms, their Maine Beer Trail Passport is definitely worth checking out. Apply your preferences and it will show you places that meet your requested criteria and make a map! There's even an incentive program:

-Visit 10-19 breweries, get a hat!
-Visit 20 breweries, get a t-shirt!
-Visit all breweries on the beer trail, get a prize pack!

Check out the full list of Maine breweries here.



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Ready to jam #Pentatonix #darlingswaterfrontpavilion

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If you're a fan of live music, Maine hosts a little bit of every genre, from the guy starting out to the biggest names in music. There's Darling's Waterfront Pavillion, Maine Savings Pavillion, State Theater Portland, Port City Music Hall, Aura, Thompson's Point, and so many more!


Don't ignore this truck stop. Dysarts is iconic. Not only do they have great food but they also have a viral commercial:

It went so viral, Saturday Night Live even parodied it!

A must stop if you're in the Bangor area so you can try the buttery, flaky crust!


Eat Lobster

If you're not eating lobster while you're here, you're doing something wrong. Here's a tip from a local, if it's a soft shell lobster, don't bother using any "tools" they serve you. Just get right in there and break it with your hands! The messier the better! Get a lobster roll if you like. They're best served cold, on a toasted bun with lettuce! Of if you're looking for something completely different there are some spots that serve up the world's greatest shellfish in a unique way. High Roller Lobster Co. based out of Portland is known for their Lobster Cheese Crisp Taco or Fried Lobby Pop. Visit their Portland storefront or keep an eye out for their mobile food cart!


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Maine's premiere amusement park and water park, Funtown Splashtown offers fun for the whole family. If you're looking for thrills like the Dragon's Descent, Excalibur, or Posideon's Plunge, or something more laid back like the Family Fun Lagoon or Barney Oldfield Roadsters, Funtown Splashtown is the place to be!


The Gray Animal Farm, aka the Maine Wildlife Park, is a great place to learn more about the wildlife here in Maine. From moose and raccoons to coyotes and fisher's you'll find them all!


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Let the wedding fun begin!#husseys @shelleyrey @priscilla_rouquayrol

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Hussey's General Store is a Maine meme in and of itself. They really are your one stop shop for Guns, Wedding Gowns, and Cold Beer! As their slogan says, "If we ain't got it, you don't need it!"


Ice Cream

There seems to be amazing ice cream around every turn here in Maine. Some of our favorites include Gifford's, Fielder's Choice, and Shain's of Maine.


Jonathan Buck

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From @atlasobscura: During the early years of Bucksport, ME, its founder, Colonel Jonathan Buck, had a witch executed, as they did in that time. Before she died at the bad end of a hangman’s noose, she cursed Buck to always bear the mark of that deed - and that prophesied mark is apparently a water stain in the shape of a pointed stocking that appeared on a monument honoring him 75 years after his death. Variations on the story liven up the tale. In one version, instead of hanging her, he has her burned, and her leg falls off and rolls out of the fire at Buck’s feet. In another, she wasn’t a witch at all, just unfortunate enough to be pregnant with his child in a socially unacceptable situation, the witch execution an easy fix to his inconvenient problem. In yet another version her already born and deformed son grabs the leg when it falls off and runs away with the relic, never to be seen again. Whatever the story, what Bucksport is left with these days is a pointy leg-shaped stain on an obelisk of granite in a hilltop graveyard on Main Street, dedicated to the founder of the town. It hangs right below his name like a stocking on a fireplace. A nearby sign explains the legend and the strange marking. #strangegraves #mementomori #taphophile #bucksport #buckgrave #witchesstocking #jonathanbuck #witchescurse

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The tale of Buck is well known in the area. Buck founded the town we now know as Bucksport. He passed away in 1795. Years later, according to the Bangor Daily News, his grandchildren erected a monument near his grave site. On it, there appeared to be an image of a woman's leg and foot. As the legend goes Colonel Jonathan Buck condemned a woman to death after being accused of being a witch and she is now haunting his grave according to her prophecy before being put to death. If ghost stories aren't your thing, the strange image is also considered to be a simple flaw in the granite. You can decide for yourself at this tourist spot! Plus, it's only about 30 minutes from Stephen King's house in Bangor if you're looking to really get spooked!


Who doesn't love shopping outlet stores?! Great brands at great prices. The Kittery outlet will certainly keep you and your wallet busy!


Speaking of shopping, it really is a Maine sin to skip the iconic L.L. Bean while you're here. Where else are can you find a giant boot or buy camping gear at 3 o'clock in the morning? L.L. Bean offers more than shopping. With their Outdoor Discovery Programs, you can find a new hobby or hone a new skill thanks to their experts. Plus, they offer FREE concerts in the summer! Don't forget to snag a backpack for the kids before school starts!


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My favorite place #maineaquarium #lobsters #neptune #14lblobster #dogfish #sharks #marinelife #maine #207

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One thing many people think of when they think Maine is the ocean! This aquarium in Boothbay Harbor allows you and your kids to get up close and personal with sea life with their touch tanks. You can even touch a shark!



It's no secret that Maine is known for nature. From the ocean to the forest there's beauty everywhere. If you want to get immersed in nature check one of Maine's hiking trails! They could lead to a waterfall, up a mountain, or deep into the woods. Maine Trail Finder is a wonderful resource that will help you search for trails depending on your skill level, or what area you want to visit.


Old Port

If cobblestone, good food, and a vibrant nightlife is your thing, look no further than the Old Port section of Portland. If you're lucky, you'll find one of the speakeasies.


Puffin Cruise

Maybe you've done a whale watch, but what about puffins?! These cute little birds call Maine home but you likely won't come across one unless you take a little ride out on the ocean. Head out from Boothbay Harbor or New Harbor!


West Quoddy Head Lighthouse is absolutely worth the trip east. In fact, it's the easternmost point in the United States so there's no better place to see the sunrise. The lighthouse is the only red and white lighthouse in the country.


Route 1

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Giant lobster! #usa

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If a bit of traffic doesn't bother you, taking the coastal drive up Route 1 is full of small villages, charm, landmarks, and beauty. If you were to start in Kittery and travel up to Lubec you would see some of the best of the best of Maine. Roll those windows down and enjoy the sea air for much of the drive and stop at some of the most popular eateries such as The Taste of Maine with their can't miss giant lobster on the roof!


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Baseball #americasfavoritepasttime #homerunofaweekend #seadogs #portlandme #playball #summer

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Maine's beloved Minor League Baseball Team, the Portland Sea Dogs is always a must. There's not a bad seat at Hadlock Field and mascot Slugger the Sea Dog is constantly going viral online for his awesome outfits and dance moves. The Sea Dogs are always hosting fun theme nights, featuring bands, and fireworks displays. Plus, they're the minor league for the Boston Red Sox and sometimes the guys come down to rehab!



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Smokey Joe’s Cafe- will do great on Broadway #ogonquitplayhouse #art #musicals #2018 #makingmemories #ogonquit

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If you have a love for plays, musicals, or the symphony, Maine offers a handful of theaters with incredible productions; Merrill Auditorium, Waterville Opera House, and the Ogunquit Playhouse to name a few.


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It turned out to be a beautiful day!Congratulations to all who graduated! #classof2019 #orono #umaine

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University of Maine, Orono, or "UMaine" as many locals call it, host a variety of entertainment events throughout the summer as well as the start to the Maine Black Bears Football season. Could be worth the trip if you have a high schooler looking for future options!


Vaughn Woods, also known to locals as "Hobbit Land", includes multiple hiking trails that are no more than 2 miles long where you'll feel immersed in J.R.R. Tolkien's Shire. You'll come across beautiful footbridges, a brook, and no shortage of beauty. It's a top choice location for local seniors to take their senior photos so don't be surprised if you see some teens posing next to a tree!


Whitewater Rafting

Looking for a thrill? White water rafting might be for you! There are multiple locations concentrated in two primary areas in the state. First in the West Forks area on Route 201 featuring Three Rivers Whitewater, Maine Whitewater, Crab Apple Whitewater, and North Country. Northeast of that area in the Twin Lakes region there's North Country Penobscot, New England Outdoor Center, Penobscot Adventures Whitewater Rafting, Jump and Raft, and Maine Rafting Expeditions, Three Rivers White Water.



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For many years, President Franklin D. Roosevelt summered here on Campobello Island. As an adult, he shared with his family the same active pursuits he enjoyed on the island as child. Although he visited less frequently after contracting polio, Campobello remained important to FDR. Today Roosevelt Campobello International Park serves as a memorial to FDR and a symbol of cooperation between the U.S. and Canada. • I started my visit with a tour of the Roosevelt Cottage, where Roosevelt and his family spent their summers from 1909-1921. The 34-room cottage was built in 1897 and is currently furnished with décor from the Roosevelt era. The tour includes both floors of the cottage, including the parlor, living areas, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, and children’s bedrooms. • • • #photooftheday #roosevelt #campobello #internationalpark #parkscanada #nps #newbrunswick #canada #campobelloisland #history #fdr #island #house #franklindroosevelt #summerhouse #historical #nationalpark #nationalparks #architecture #photography #architecturephotography #canonphotos #canonphotography #neverstopexploring #summerroadtrip2017 #greatnature • • • July 25, 2017

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Okay, so this one is a bit of a stretch, but it's "X" that allows for flexibility, right? While this place doesn't technically start with an "X", XXXII represents the number 32 in Roman Numerals and in this case it represents our 32nd president, Franklin D. Roosevelt and his home away from home, Campobello Island. While this is technically located in New Brunswick, Canada, Campobello International Park is the only international park that is dualy managed park with the United States and Canada sharing in the responsibility of taking care of this beautiful attraction. FDR's summer home has been beautifully preserved and there are tons to explore in the area. Get there through Lubec, Maine and don't forget your passport!


Yankee Jungle

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Saw some animals today. Tigers are my favorite! #dewhaven #animals #lionsandtigersandbearsohmy

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Animal Sanctuary, DEW Haven, located in Central Maine had a short run with their own show titled "Yankee Jungle" on Animal Planet which is available on Amazon. This place is truly a labor of love taking in Domestic, Exotic, and Wild (DEW) animals of all kinds. They actually do have lions, tigers, and bears (OH MY!), as well as a camel, various monkeys, deer, and donkeys!



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#maine #zoo #yorkswildkingdom #yorkmaine #capeneddick #thewaylifeshouldbe #familyday

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Of course, we're talking about York's Wild Kingdom! While their decades-old commercial brings the laughs and nostalgia to locals, York's Wild Kingdom has the best of summer activities; amusement park rides and animals!


With a limit of only 26 of course, we couldn't hit everything, but this list is a great place to start! What's going to be your next Maine activity?

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