You know I am a fairly fit person who trusts her husband completely and yet would I hang upside down on his back whilst he runs through the muck?  Aaaah, no. However there are quite a few who will and you can watch them for yourself on October 6th in the Sunday River Annual North American Wife Carry Competition.  

This is a sanctioned event with the Wife Carrying Association, yup it's a thing. Watching the competition is free and as of today the race is full.  If your spouse is sitting in a corner crying about that there is a waiting list you can sign up for.

Now for the record you don't have to be married but your team must consist of a man and a woman.  The race also has some other interesting rules.

And kudos to Sunday River Resort who owns the North American Wife Carrying Championship and serves as the sanctioning body for the sport in the U.S. and Canada.

Here is the map to all the fun and adventure.

Google maps
Google maps

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