This week's Pet of the Week reminds us of a character out of a Hallmark movie. She's got a heart of gold, but she's been hurt and let down, and has some trust issues because of it.

Communications Coordinator for the Hancock County SPCA, Mariah Donovan, says Ophelia is a complex cat. She has layers, like any good Hallmark movie character would.

"Ophelia has a lot of love to give that is clouded by anxiety-induced aggression that stems from a sorrowful past that has resulted in this being her second stay with us at the SPCA-HC. She wants to trust people, but she’s scarred from giving love
and having it taken away. Ophelia is easily stressed by touch, sudden
change, and being cornered and should not be in a home with children,
as her people need to be extremely cat-savvy. "

Opehlia, Hancock County SPCA
Ophelia, Hancock County SPCA

Donovan says Ophelia is pretty good about signaling to her owners that she's not happy or in need of some space.

"Ophelia will yowl or meow sharply to let you know when she doesn’t want to be touched, blocked, or interacted with. Offering her a snack in exchange for calm behavior increases the likelihood of her remaining calm with you. A quiet home with someone who has patience and a willingness to work with her needs would be ideal for Ophelia. You get the point  - she’s easily stressed and will lash out."

As sassy and headstrong as Ophelia can be, there's a super sweet side to her, Donovan says.


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"Ophelia can be a sweet, loving cat and has proven to be a love bug in her previous
homes when she has felt safe and confident. Ophelia takes medicine
each morning to help with her anxiety. She’s generally good about
eating it crushed into her wet food! Mostly, Ophelia loves comfy
spaces to snooze and find comfort in. Don’t let her fool you, this
girl LOVES to play! Wand toys and hands-free toys are best so she
doesn’t associate skin as a toy, but this lady loves catching toys and
catnip! Catnip and treats are the secret to earning Ophelia’s trust
and love."

Giving this kitty a place to de-stress and decompress would help get her acclimated to her new home.

"Investing in a dog-sized kennel or a small animal kennel
would be a wise investment if you do not have an extra room for
Ophelia when guests or new people come by. Load it with blankets,
toys, and everything she loves to keep it a positive experience so she
enjoys her “little home”. Ophelia needs someone to prove her wrong and
change her perspective. She has had homes, but each time a new factor
(child, other animals) has been added and disrupts her sense of
security. This girl needs a consistent person to honor her needs and
love her regardless."

Let's hope, that like all the Hallmark movies out there, Ophelia's story will have a happy ending.

If you want to go visit any of the other animals up for adoption at the Hancock County SPCA, you can call 207-667-8088 or visit their website,


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