The Downeast Sunrise Trail may currently be out of reach for you today, but thanks to whomever, we can take a 3 minute peaceful ride through Washington County while sitting in our recliner and eating chips.

The Downeast area received about 4 inches of snow this past Saturday and yesterday the grooming of the popular Sunrise Trail began, as is evident by this video posted to Facebook yesterday.  You have to admit, putting the background music by Alabama aside, it's a pretty quiet ride over the old railroad bed and through the marsh area of Downeast Maine.  Not much happening here, and that's just the way we like it.

The Downeast Sunrise Trail is about 87 miles long and runs between High Street in Ellsworth and then all the way to Pembroke in Washington County. On any given Saturday or Sunday your apt to find the Washington Junction parking lot in Hancock filled to capacity with trucks and trailers, while folks are gearing up for their day-long ATV ride through the woods of Maine.  Travel further downeast during the warm summer months, and chances are you'll find riders and their ATVs along the causeway in Machias admiring the view, grabbing a bite to eat and looking over the goods that folks have for sale there.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But today is probably another day at the office for you.  Take a moment or two for a ride through the Maine woods courtesy of the Dennysville Snowmobile and ATV Club, and thank the good Lord that you live in Maine.

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