I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the majority of those reading already know what the tallest mountain in Maine is. Of course, it's the legendary Mount Katahdin, standing at 5,269 feet. In fact, it actually has the two tallest peaks if you count its spur, Hamlin Peak.

However, what if I asked you what the second tallest mountain in Maine is? Would you be surprised to know it was one of the most popular skiing mountains in the northeast?

Coming in at 4,249 feet is Maine's second tallest mountain, Sugarloaf. That's right, the popular Carrabassett Valley ski slope boasts the 2nd ranking over many other monsters in Western Maine. The year-round destination is loaded with outdoor recreation. And of course, the mountain has amazing views from the top.

The next three mountains behind are much more your garden variety peaks. These include Old Speck (4,180ft), Crocker (4,228), and Bigelow (4,150). These mountains have great trails, but nowhere near the development or recreation.

It's unique for such a mountainous state to have a massive ski resort so high on a list like this. However, it's not uncommon. Maine actually shares this distinction with New England buddy, Vermont, where Killington Mountain stands second tallest at just over 4,200 ft.

Sugarloaf is also not the only ski mountain in Maine's top 10. Saddleback Mountain, just up the road from Sugarloaf, comes in as the state's 7th tallest mountain at 4,116 feet. You can see the rest of the list here.

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