Now that the sun is warm and the grass is growing, we thought that we'd find something for the kids to keep themselves occupied with.  What better than a playground?  Here's the best!

Besides listening to what the kids had to say (because frankly, it was hard to keep up with them) we checked with other sources like Google ratings, Yelp and  We only looked into no-charge (not counting the swimming pools) and public playgrounds, because we have to save our cash for ice cream runs.

Although we can already hear some super-charged turbo tot out there loudly disagreeing with us before we even get started, here's what we surmised to be the best in the area:

Hayford Park, corner of Union and 13th Streets - A big playground with stuff to swing and climb on, basketball and tennis courts, volleyball, a city swimming pool, and plenty of lawn area for both kids and dogs to run on. And from what we hear, a skateboard park may be in the making.

Broadway Park, Broadway - A jewel of a city park on both sides of Broadway, with towering trees, plenty of room to throw a Frisbee or just take it easy, and a beautiful playground.

Eastern Park, South Main Street, Brewer - Two playgrounds here, one of real little ones and the other for bigger kids with energy to burn. There's picnic tables, benches, and a great view of the Penobscot River!

Brewer Community Playground and Swimming Pool, between State and Wilson Streets - A great and very thought out playground that will keep the kids away from the TV for hours with the City swimming pool right next door.  Benches and some shaded area makes for a good place to have lunch.

Fairmount Park, off Webster and Hammond Streets on Norway Road - A great neighborhood park with plenty of land, a playground and basketball court.  Also an ice skating area during the winter.

Stillwater Park Playground, Howard Street - Plenty of lawn area for football or soccer here, plus a neat playground and a small basketball court.

Chapin Park, Parkview Avenue off State Street - A really cool playground for the City's east side and a lot of grass area for everyone to run around on and burn off that candy bar.

Williams Park, Newbury Street - This is a small park with a playground that overlooks the Penobscot River.  It was recently announced by the City that the basketball court there will be refurbished and renovated into a pickleboard court, the latest craze, although it's been around since the 1960s.









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