Right in the middle of the roar of fair rides and carnies yelling on the mid-way will be a little oasis of peacefulness at this year's Blue Hill Fair. Yes, something entirely different!

For the first time, the Blue Hill Fair will feature The Butterfly Encounter, a screened-in area that will feature different species of butterflies that fair-goers can feed and interact with!  Inside the area will be green plants, caterpillars, and full-grown butterflies for all to enjoy.

As part of the package, butterfly "kits" are handed out to the kids so that they can take a butterfly home that's just about ready to hatch!

Sounds pretty cool and interesting to us!

The Butterfly Encounter is operated by Deborah and Jason Lurie of Spring Hill, Florida.  Read more about it here.

This year's Blue Hill Fair will take place August 30th through Labor Day.


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