The snow melt is revealing what humans are leaving behind.

In Maine we're lucky to be a stones throw away from natural beauty. Sadly I have yet to hike a trial this spring that hasn't had litter scattered about. Nothing ticked me off more than seeing a goose swimming along side a tossed soda bottle last week.

Whether your off on a day hike or just a stroll in the woods, you're going to find trash. Don't think someone will be along soon to clean it up. Trail clean-ups are going on this spring, unfortunately not every trail will get some TLC.

The easiest way to help? Just pick something up! I have a trash bag in my pack, that most times I fill up. If we all picked up a few things every time we hit a trail, things would be a lot cleaner. Bending over and picking up a bottle is better than what could happen.

Trails all over the state twist and wind through public and private land. Land owners can easily get fed up with trash on their property and revoke access.

ALWAYS carry out what you carry in!