You may want to look quick before they disappear.

The National Weather Service tells us that the skies will be clear tonight and Saturday night which should make for a clear view of a pretty cool celestial happening, the grouping of the moon and the much-illuminated planet Venus.

Over this weekend the five-day-old crescent moon will join up with Venus with the best view taking place early Sunday night, October 10. Unfortunately, the clouds will be rolling in at just about that time here in Maine but you should be able to get quite the view early tonight and then early Saturday night as well.

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You'll want to look towards the southwest of the sky directly after sunset and make sure that you do because both will dip below the western horizon shortly thereafter. Of course the planet Venus will be much smaller than the moon, but very bright.

When you see them, also take notice of the bright orange-colored star somewhat near Venus, that is Antares.  As the week goes on both Venus and Antares will get closer and closer to each other, according to

This past week has been a beauty when it comes to the weather with sunny skies and warm temperatures during the day and clear skies at night which has made viewing the planets and the stars very easy and enjoyable.

Soon the Orionids meteor shower will be kicking in just a little bit later this month and will peak on October 21.  At its peak, one could see up to 20 plus meteors an hour steaking by overhead, so let's pray for clear nights then as well.

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