Here's how it's done, son.

We've seen the professionals celebrate a win by doing it out there on the track, and we've all had that special friend who at one point or another took extreme pride in leaving rubber on the road to impress those that would follow behind.

Tires would scream and smoke as the back end of the car made circle after circle without really going anywhere.  Yup, the donut, the epitome of burning out.

But how do you pull off doing a successful one?  Let us enlighten you!

Okay, here we go:

  1. Make sure that you always have a lot of s**t in the back of your vehicle. - If the back end of your vehicle is gonna fly around and around continuously, you'll want stuff like empty oil containers, half full gas cans, tarp, rope, McDonald's wrappers and beer bottles slamming into the side of your vehicle's inner walls, just for effect.  It really adds to the experience.  Although, live animals are not recommended. Dead ones are cool.
  2. Always have someone who scares easily and has a habit of screaming in the passenger seat. -  Once again, this really adds to the experience.
  3. Perform the feat on a well known road. - After all, you're not leaving a massive amount of expensive rubber on the road for nothing.  Remember, you're going for the "holy s**t look at that" factor, and in order to achieve that someone has to see it, or maybe even film it, and with any luck they'll post it to Facebook.
  4. Make sure that you're doing this with a guardrail nearby. - Not only will it prevent you from flying off into the woods, but it will also leave a nice long scrape down the side of your vehicle.  Weeks from now, these shiny metallic streaks will make inquisitive minds ask you, "how did that happen?" Then, puffed out proud as a peacock, you can tell 'em.

Thanks to the Downeast Cowboy for recently filming this perfect donut via his drone somewhere we would assume on the back roads of Washington County.  Nice.



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