There are many wrecks up and down the Maine coast, but few that are visible from Route 1A in Hampden. Here's the story of The Roamer.

From the same guy (@Jeremyt.grant) that brought us that terrific drone VIDEO of waves overtaking the Rockland Breakwater a few weeks ago, comes this very cool video that explains exactly how this 57 foot-long fishing vessel ended up sideways in the mud in the Penobscot River behind Waterfront Marine.

Jeremy explains that this wasn't the first time that this particular boat had experienced  navigational mishap, as it had sunk at the Rockland Pier just months prior.

The relic of course still sits there today, gas from the boat's fuel line long gone downriver. and there are no plans currently to dig it out and remove it, as no one can pay for that.

So here's the real story.  Although, feel free to make up your own to impress the tourists.


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