The Maine Office of Marijuana Policy has just granted licenses to a couple of Maine businesses to begin selling recreational pot in October.

They are:

Under Maine law, active retail license holders will be permitted to engage in sales to consumers 21 years of age or older beginning on Friday, October 9th.

While the current health pandemic delayed our efforts and will likely contribute to a less robust introduction to the market than expected, today’s action is a start to the realization of the will of Maine voters to provide adults 21 years of age and older with a lawful mechanism to obtain marijuana,” said MOMP Director Erik Gundersen.The initial market will likely be limited in both accessibility and product availability, but the industry will evolve responsibly and provide safe, convenient access to adult use marijuana over the coming weeks and months.”

These are just the first two of more active licenses that will be granted in the future for adult use marijuana establishments to begin sales in October.

Three different cultivation facilities along with a testing facility in Kennebunk were also granted licenses today as well.

Voters here in Maine passed approval of the sale of recreational pot back in November of 2016, so it will be one month shy of four years since the vote passed.

Maine will have the unique distinction of being the only state to launch its adult use marijuana program during a pandemic,” said OMP Director Erik Gundersen.

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