Think that just about everything that could happen during the year 2020 already has?  Well, there are a few more things.

The United States Geological Survey reports that an earthquake registering at 2.2 magnitude happened today (7/29) at approximately 3:10 this morning.  The quake was centered about 3.7 miles north of Bath, Maine, and at a depth of a little over 3 miles down into the earth.

Just what those folks in that area need after experiencing a great white shark attack in nearby Casco Bay. Fortunately, this morning's quake was small, and probably wasn't felt by too many people that live around there, especially at that time of the day.  A sleeping dog may have raised it's head, that's all.

An estimated 900,000 of these small earthquakes at 2.2 magnitude or below happen worldwide every year, so there's no need to quiver under the kitchen table just yet.  These minor earthquakes are usually not felt, but can be recorded by a seismograph.  Quakes begin to be "felt" when they get above 2.5 magnitude.

Anyway, it's just a small reminder that Mother Nature is alive and well during the year 2020 and may not be done with it just yet. With a pandemic, a fatality via a great white shark, and the threat of tornadoes here in Maine, we may have a ways to go before things calm down.

Just imagine what the day after election day will look like.  We may all have a hard time keeping both feet on shaky ground.

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